Service Cost:           

Further to our messages, please find below costs received for carrying out BW sampling:

Quote by Future Corners (Ras Tanura & Juaymah) – Refer attached Proposal from FCE.

Sample testing costs  : USD 700

Man day charge           : USD 600 (During normal days Sun to Thu)

Total                                : USD 1300

Man day charge rate increments during weekends Fri – Sat : 50% of normal man day charge

Number of technicians available:   4

Number of portable equipment:    2

Additional Costs:

Launch charges USD 700 per trip for Ras Tanura & USD 1400 per trip for Juaymah will be applicable.

Launch charges are basis 1 hour waiting alongside.

As the authorities will leave immediately after inward clearance hence additional boat trip will be involved for arranging return of these technicians.

Handling and Co-ordination charges shall be applicable considering the additional tasks involved.